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Fender Liner Manufacturer in Taiwan│GBC

Quality and Warranty

If you are looking for replacement fender liner or heavy duty truck grille, “GBC” is worth to spend time on. At GBC, we use IATF 16949 framework when developing and manufacturing product. GBC is also the first fender liner manufacturer acquiring CAPA certification. The certified seals can be easily found on GBC logo products, which represent our quality and your satisfaction. The GBC certified quality warrants most important in:

  • Material usage. Material we use must be tested by CAPA certified lab to assure its quality lining up the certified standard.
  • Fitness. All GBC certified parts were sent to US for actual vehicle fit test before certified seals on products.
  • Appearance. Better finish.

With one year limited life time warranty on GBC certified product. GBC not only cares about our own reputation but also yours. Find us for the replacement fender liner source, you will immediately find out the different from the previous image about aftermarket fender liners. Also, you will grasp our heavy duty truck parts at the first glance over the chrome appearance for they are significant better finish than others.

Remark: GBC will replace free of charge any GBC logo product that is proved to be defect during the manufacturing process. The warranty is voided by improper use or installation, or physical damage. GBC will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages.

Working and sourcing policy

All GBC manufacturing team members are fairly taken care by the management under the Labor Standards Act of Taiwan. The material imported and used on GBC product are free from conflict sources.


Fender Liner Manufacturer in Taiwan│GBC